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25 February 13:00-17:00Neo4j Malmö

Introduction to Cypher

Welcome to an exciting event where tech enthusiasts converge! đźš€

Did you know that Neo4j, one of our main partners, crafted the powerful query language Cypher? Join us for an enlightening coding workshop featuring experts from Neo4j, a pioneer in the realm of graph databases. Dive into the fascinating evolution of data representation—from conventional lists and tables to the revolutionary graph structures. 

Apart from a top-notch workshop led by a developer coming all the way from Paris, picture this: a panel discussion where Neo4j's professionals are ready to share their experiences and insights, guided by your questions. You have the chance to actively shape the dialogue and gain personalized perspectives on thriving in the tech industry.

Gear up for a hands-on workshop and a vibrant conversation where you explore the potential of graph structures with Cypher. Don't miss out on this unique blend of knowledge-sharing and interactive discussions!

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Pink Sundays are our popular coding events where women and non-binary people can meet up, code and network together!

Pink Programming is Sweden’s biggest community for women and non-binary programmers. We work towards a gender equal tech industry by creating inspiring coding events and camps, and hosting Diversity & Inclusion courses for companies. Join us to change the tech game!

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All you need to know

When? February 25th, 13.00-17.00

How? By grabbing a free ticket below 

Where? Neo4j, Studio, Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, Malmö

Programming language: Cypher - Neo4j's graph query language

Workshop level: Beginner/intermediate*
As long as you have tried a bit of coding before, you should be good to go (the workshop is not suitable for absolute beginners).

Preparations: Remember to bring a laptop! We will use the cloud version of Neo4j.

What else? Delicious smörrebröd will be served.

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Inspirational Session & Coding Workshop

Dive into the World of Women in Tech

Session by: Jane Yang, Marie Gaillard, Jenny Quach, Louise Söderström, and LinnĂ©a De Llano Balcells

Come be a part of an engaging discussion! Our panel, featuring experts from Neo4j, is eager to delve into your questions. Let's create a lively conversation together, where you can actively shape the dialogue. Gain personalized insights and valuable perspectives on thriving in the dynamic world of technology. We can't wait to have you join us!

Jane - Front-end developer, 
has worked as an experienced auto-test developer for several years. Now she is a front-end developer, mainly working with React and TypeScript.

Jenny - Front-end developer, with a background in accounting, joined Neo4j in 2022 after having completed Technigo’s Frontend developer bootcamp. She is part of team Bloom, developing the graph visualization.

Marie - Director of Engineering, works as a line manager for two of Neo4j’s backend teams. She started out as a Java developer and has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry.

Louise - Backend developer, has been working at Neo4j for over 6 years and has been part of Pink Programming for even longer. She is mainly coding in Java and Scala and being technical lead for a big project around error messages.

LinnĂ©a - Senior Software Engineer, â€śhated” computers when she was younger and there was no way she thought she would become a software engineer. She started to study Engineering in mathematics and had one mandatory course in programming, which made her realize that programming is really fun. She has now been working at Neo4j for 3.5 years and is the team leader of team Cypher composite.

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Introduction to Cypher - Neo4j's Graph Query Language

Workshop by: VĂ©ronique Gendner

Before digital tools, the most commonly used formal structures were lists, tables and hierarchies, because graph structures - stuff related to other stuff with no specific constraints - were too difficult to represent and process! The digital area changed that and it has now been a decade since the company Neo4j put graph structured databases on the market, together with the query language Cypher. The workshop will give you a sneak peek into the vast potential of graphs that can be queried with the Cypher language.
VĂ©ronique Gendner
 has done programming and data processing for over 25 years. Her focus is on the representation of information, in databases and for visualization with digital tools, both for researchers and companies’ teams. This led her to be a graph addict! She first heard of Neo4j and Cypher around 2013 and started seriously learning and using it 4 years ago. She is now a member of the Neo4j Ninja program. She lives in Paris, France.

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Organized by Pink Programming

Pink Programming

Pink Programming is Sweden’s biggest community for women and non-binary programmers. We work towards a gender equal tech industry by creating inspiring coding events and camps, and hosting Diversity & Inclusion courses for companies. Join us to change the tech game!